1516 Amalfi Oak


We live from wood.

We also live with wood.

So it’s only natural that we handle our wood with care. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us, but part of our corporate strategy. It would never cross our minds to use wood that didn’t come from sustainably managed forests.

We reap what we sow.

Since 2003, KRONOSPAN Lampertswalde has been making an active contribution to reforestation by planting trees. This gives us the chance to produce part of the wood that we process ourselves. We use resources very frugally. We also process wood from trees damaged by storms and crooked and gnarled trees that can’t be used to make furniture or parquet flooring.

Born of regional tradition

What all the types of wood we use have in common is that they come from our region. None of the timber we process has to be transported over long distances. Transporting wood across the globe by ship doesn’t make sense to us ecologically.

Not one bit is lost.

At KRONOSPAN, wood scraps left over from production are recycled in the production process or used for our own CO2-neutral energy production.


BinylPRO Floor is CO2-neutral because manufacturing O.R.C.A. releases even less CO2 than was stored by the tree.

Our O.R.C.A. Board consists of components based solely on biological raw materials and organic chemical binding agents (synthetic resins) and thus is organic**.


BinylPRO flooring contains no PVC and no softeners. It has been certified with the well-known “Blue Angel” ecolabel and recognized by the Cologne eco-INSTITUT. BinylPRO also has the highest indoor air quality certification: A+*.

**Consists of natural wood and an organic-chemical binder.
*Statement on level of emission of volatile substances in indoor air posing a toxic threat during inhaling - on a scale from A+ (very low-emission) to C (high-emission).

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